As we step into the weeks leading up to Mothers Day, we feel an immense sense of gratitude for our Blue Mountains home and the beautiful community that we share this very special place.

Here at Paudha Healing, we believe in Nurturing in every sense of the word. Not only do we strive to Nurture our customers by creating a skincare product that soothes and enriches their skin, but in doing so we seek to support Mother-Earth by using only plant-based ingredients, choosing organic and pesticide free where possible and packaging in the most conscious way we can manage.

So, in seeking to create our very first video campaign for Paudha Healing, it was important to us to partner with someone who reflected the same values.

This story begins in Winter 2020, when we approached local Farmer Florist, Celine Watz of Floral by Nature, firstly to try our range in a hope she would enjoy the products. A local Blue Mountains woman, Celine and her Husband Tristan are the founders of ‘Floral by Nature’, a Pesticide Free flower farm located in the amazing Kanimbla Valley. A local, Blue Mountains woman, Celine had heard of Paudha and had mentioned she was keen to try the deodorant particularly. So we sent over a care pack for Celine and her feedback was better than we had hoped. As well as loving the face cream and deodorant, she was particularly taken with the body and hair oil, she shared this testimonial with us ‘I am seriously obsessed with this oil! It has one of the most delicious fragrances I’ve ever smelt. The blend of Tangerine and Geranium is heavenly and makes me want to use this oil top to toe. I apply the oil to my legs and arms and then use the excess oil on my hands to run through the ends of my hair. It’s been great for my dry legs and equally as good for my dry curls. A little goes a long way and the oil doesn’t leave me feeling greasy.’

Inspired by the beauty of her home and farm, but more importantly by Celine and her husbands commitment to eco-friendly floristry, we asked Celine if she would mind if we shared their story as a part of our inaugural video campaign, in a hope to connect with other like minded folk.

Celine’s flower farm is located on the most incredible piece of land in the Kanimbla Valley. Surrounded by expansive rolling hills, the historical Cox’s River runs through their property, it is as every bit the dream location for their pesticide free flower garden appropriately branded ‘Floral By Nature’. Each week Celine delivers her beautiful hand cut flowers in person to the local organic grocers and gift stores, bringing the beauty of Nature into the local homes, slow grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

One perfect February day, plans for the campaign came to fruition after a few stop starts with the weather. The flower garden was filled with beautiful colour and the river was running at the perfect level for us to setup location on a huge rock, right on the edge of the Cox’s River. Our bush bathroom was brought to life in the most incredible space, it couldn’t have felt any more perfect.

Celine, a natural beauty arrived, fresh faced to feature in our commercial. She tirelessly applied each product whilst young local film-maker Sam Battin took shot after shot of the scenes. Keeping the local vibe, Photographer Ona Janzen stood by and supported with stills.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The beauty and tranquillity of this locally created campaign is truly reminiscent of the most perfect shoot day we could have ever hoped for. We love that our very first video campaign truly captures the essence of all that we strive to create, natural, local, ethical and importantly with as much authenticity as possible, to nourish and support our Paudha Family and we are especially grateful to those who made it happen.

Blue Mountains Dream Team:

Location + Model, Celine Watz, Floral By Nature, Kanimbla Valley

Film–maker Sam Battin Films

Photographer Ona Janzen

Prop Maker Dion Tilley

Creative Director + Stylist Nicole Bull Stylist