While studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Renee, the owner and creator of Paudhã Healing, discovered her love of herbs and their amazing healing properties.

Researching some historical herbal texts, Renee learnt about the benefits of the most common plants and weeds, people take for granted and discard from their gardens. She wanted to put these plants to good use and started by experimenting with chickweed (Stellaria media) which was growing in abundance around her home in the Blue Mountains.

That is how her first product, the Calendula and Chickweed cream was created. She started slowly, making it for friends and family, who could not get enough of this cream. Given its popularity, she decided to start experimenting with other combinations. Renee went on to study an advanced certificate in cosmetic chemistry in order to combine her love and knowledge of herbs, with the skills of chemical formulations, to create skincare products that people of all skin types could use, without the chemical nasties found in commercial products.

Renee is a mother and a wife who has a passion for health and wellness and who has a particular affinity with herbs and the healing nature of plants. It was her passion for herbs that inspired her to create Paudhã Healing.

So why Paudhã? What does it mean? Well, Paudhã (pronounced pow-da), simply means ‘plant’ in Hindi and plant healing is what we are all about. Our products contain a variety of plants, with medicinal benefits that have been recognized and used by our ancestors for generations.

We are proud to say that each of our products is lovingly handmade in the Blue Mountains, using locally sourced and Australia Certified Organic (ACO) ingredients where available, harnessing the natural energy that surrounds us. We have also been accredited as a cruelty free skincare company by Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

We think our products are pretty special and love making them for our own use, but what we love most is being able to share them with others. It is so rewarding to hear about how much our customers are enjoying and benefiting from our products.

‘I have sensitive skin which often gets red and itchy patches. For the last month I have been using the Calendula and Chickweed cream. Instantly when applied the itchy feeling went, it was very calming on the skin. After a month the redness has also reduced and my skin is feeling beautiful. Thanks I appreciate the cream.’

Sue, NSW

The past week I have had an allergic reaction to something unknown and my eyes and face swelled to resemble Phil Gould. The calendula & chickweed cream fixed it in 2 days! Best cream I’ve ever used! Thank you.

Courtney, NSW

‘Really love the chickweed cream, I have been using a combination moisturizer and treatment for dark skin discolouration on my face. Two spots have disappeared and the third faded markedly. I’m really happy with this result. Your latest deodorant product is fabulous. It really works.’

Rose, NSW

‘I have used the calendula and chickweed cream on European wasp & mosquito bites with instant relief and Gary has been using it on dry skin on his forehead and temples which is improving everyday. Thank you for this fantastic product.’

Karen, VIC

‘I am a senior late sixties and have been trialling the Paudha range. The body and face cream works exceptionally, & is non greasy and makes the skin very soft. I love the face oil which I use every night.

My advice to any young people reading this, if you start using this oil now you will look years younger at my age!! I wish these products had been around 40 years ago and the wonderful thing about them is they are all natural, no harsh chemicals, the body is absorbing what nature has intended us to.’

Sandy, NSW

Being a natural redhead with dry sensitive skin, I’m always complaining. One of my work colleagues suggested I try Paudha healing products so I bought a sample pack. The ordering was easy, delivery was super fast, the packaging was amazing & the hand written note from Renee was such a nice personal touch. I have been using the nourish & repair face oil for two weeks now & all I can say is WOW… this is amazing. My skin feels nourished and the best it has ever felt. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paudha to any of my friends. Thanks Renee for this great product & keep up the great work.

Kirsty, NSW