Our commitment to the Earth

Renee, her daughter and husband sitting together in a rainforest.

As a consciously aware family business committed to the natural environment, our goal is to support environmental sustainability in manufacturing, packaging and delivering to our clients the Paudhã range in the following ways:


Our Ingredients

We take great care in researching and ethically sourcing the finest all natural, high quality and where possible local and sustainably produced and ACO (Australian Certified Organic) ingredients which supports not only the environment, but also your skin;


Our Packaging

We seek to use minimal and all natural, unbleached, and recyclable packaging for our products, which includes the use of biodegradable postage satchels and packaging all of our products in recyclable glass jars. We strive to minimise waste in our manufacturing process and reuse boxes and packaging from our suppliers where possible.


Saving the Rainforests

In understanding that deforestation is the second leading cause of global warming, we choose to donate $1 from every product sold to HalfCut Alliances, who, in partnership with Rainforest Trust share a commitment to protecting the most threatened tropical forests and saving endangered species. More information can be found on our ‘Giving Back‘ page.

Paudha Healing Founder, Renee Tilley