Together We’re Saving Rainforests!

Renee, her daughter and husband sitting together in a rainforest.

How Does Your Purchase Help Save Rainforests?

For every product sold, we donate $1 to HalfCut Alliances, who, in partnership with Rainforest Trust share a commitment to protecting the most threatened tropical forests and saving endangered species. On average, Rainforest Trust protects 1 acre of rainforest for every $2.50 donated and the best part is, all donations made to Rainforest Trust are matched $1 for $1 by the ‘friends of Rainforest Trust’ philanthropist group, so that means DOUBLE THE IMPACT! 

Our environmental impact has always been at the forefront of our minds when producing our products, that is why we use recyclable glass jars for packaging and biodegradable and recyclable materials for posting orders. So when we heard about HalfCut Alliances, and the work they are doing to save rainforests around the world, we knew they were perfect charity partner for us!

To read more about the HalfCut movement and how it was inspired click HERE

You can see how many acres of rainforest you’ve helped us save HERE


Paudha Healing Founder, Renee Tilley