If you experience Rosacea, adult acne, inflamed, raw, sensitive, dry or irritated skin, especially after using a soap based cleanser, it could be because you have stripped the skin’s natural protective layer, the sebum.

The sebum is responsible for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. An oily substance, it lubricates and holds hydration within the skin, providing elasticity and acting as a barrier to keep bacteria and other nasties out of the lower layers of your skin. The sebum also transports antioxidants into and onto the skin and offers natural light protection.

In short: Sebum plays a very important role in skin health.

So, what happens when you use a soap-based cleanser on your face?

Conventional soaps, (especially those containing “sodium tallowate” or “sodium palmate,” or “saponified oils”), clean a little bit too well. Not only removing dirt from your skin, but also taking sebum and vital good oils with it. This leaves the skin, especially sensitive or rosacea prone skin, feeling raw, irritated, and dry. It can also increase redness as the skin becomes inflamed.

Does cleansing with an oil work?

Funnily enough, YES, when using the right blend of oils. A cleansing oil bonds to the makeup, oils and dirt on your skin, drawing out the impurities from the pores, including dirt and bacteria. Simultaneously, it also dissolves the ‘bad oils’ that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

What are the benefits of cleansing with an oil, as opposed to a soap?

The star ingredient of our Clean and Balance Oil, Jojoba Oil, is closest to the skin’s own natural sebum.  A deeply moisturising oil, it absorbs into the skin quickly and helps to modulate oil production. It’s wax-like texture makes it very efficient at drawing the dirt from the skin, whilst simultaneously supporting the skin’s protective layer, the sebum.

Green Tea Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Non-greasy, light and highly absorbent, it is also a wonderful antibacterial agent for treating acne and unclogging pores, deeply cleansing the skin, without stripping away important, natural oils.

Avocado oil is another oil which draws dirt and irritants from your pores. Particularly beneficial for sensitive skin, avocado oil offers antimicrobial properties to cleanse, vitamin E to soothe and protect the skin, and as it absorbs well into the skin, it helps to break down makeup and other impurities whilst nourishing the skin.

Next, sweet almond oil supports with moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing properties. This oil works both as a cleanser and moisturiser. It can help improve complexion and enhance elasticity, once again, offering a gentle cleansing medium.

Sesame Oil is another oil with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, similarly Rosemary Extract and the Essential Oils of Pink Grapefruit, Geranium and Ylang Ylang each offer wonderful benefits to cleanse and purify the skin. These ingredients are consciously chosen as they are Non-Drying & Non-Stripping like soap cleansers can be.

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Can you use an oil cleanser on oily or acne prone skin?

The answer is yes! Excess oil and acne may be a result of an imbalance in your skin’s natural oils. Soap based cleansers may be responsible for striping too much sebum (natural oils) from your skin. As a result, your skin tends to overproduce oil in an attempt to rebalance the natural oils and find homeostasis. Because the clean and balance cleansing oil is formulated to work WITH your skin’s natural oils, it is well suited to oily or acne prone skin, giving the benefits of an antibacterial cleanse, without stripping or drying the skin.

Some customers, particularly those with inflamed skin report feeling the benefits almost immediately, as their sebum is supported during the cleansing process, rather than disrupted with chemical laden soap cleansers.

‘This cleansing oil is perfect for my sensitive skin. Most cleansers leave my face dry, red and irritated BUT not this one!! It feels so nourishing and leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. It works very well with removing all makeup including mascara. So far it is my favourite Paudha product. Thank you, I will continue to buy it.’ ~ Sarah


‘I love this oil – it’s so gentle on my skin and is so much nicer than other commercially produced cleansers.’ ~ Fiona


‘I love this cleansing oil! It is so gentle but it takes off my makeup and leaves my skin so soft and refreshed.’ ~ Sharon


‘My sister introduced me to Paudha products when I developed an allergic reaction to the face products I had been using for 20 years. I am so impressed with how quickly my skin recovered particularly using the cleansing oil. It feels so lovely on my skin and smells great too. I highly recommend it, especially if you have sensitive or irritated skin.’ ~ Lisa


‘I’m loving this cleansing oil. I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks but my skin feels amazing. I have pretty severe acne, pustules so big they can warp my face depending where they are. I was skeptical about using an ‘oil’ because of my oily acne skin but it’s not what you think! It has felt so good to have all natural healing oils soak into my damaged and scarred skin and I’m starting to clear up! The natural anti-inflammatory in the moisturisers from Paudha are also helping to heal my skin. So far feeling pretty good… Best result I’ve had with skin care in a while. Thank you!’ ~ Rachel


‘This is the most amazing skin product I have used in 50 years . I feel it has helped my skin redness where no other product has before and only after a week of use. It is so relaxing to apply and clean off is easy. Love,love,love and definitely would recommend.’ ~ Carol


‘I just literally just received this in the mail and used it to take my makeup off.
I bought the cleansing oil and hemp face cloth and have trouble with face cleansers because I have dry and sensitive skin.
I jumped on here to say Wow, this stuff is like MAGIC! removed more than any other cleansers I’ve used, and it didn’t sting or aggravate my skin.
5/5 would recommend’ ~ Kaelih


‘I was dreading putting oil on my rosacea-ridden face but decided I had nothing to lose so I tried it. The first time left my skin quite blotchy and I decided to persevere and within several days I could see an improvement in my rosacea and today my face looks better than it has for years. I genuinely am amazed. I still have the rosacea (had it for 30 years) but it is manageable and vastly improved. My skin feels soft and clean.’ ~ Jane


‘I live in a warm climate and received the following Paudha products as a gift: Clean and Balance Cleansing Oil, Nourish and Repair Face Oil, Calendula and Chickweed Cream along with the beautiful nuebar shampoo, conditioner and nuebar body soaps.. My skin, which has struggled with painful, disfiguring rosacea for a few years now, feels soft and hydrated. The redness and cysts have resolved and I am getting compliments galore, often from people who never knew I had rosacea. I’m not just leaving a review, I’m saying THANK YOU xxx’ ~ Kelly

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