It has happened again! We are feeling incredibly humbled to have won another two awards as well as an Editors Choice Award, this time in the 2020 Organic Beauty Awards.

With a focus on products made from Natural and Organic ingredients, the purpose of the awards is to encourage more people to discover the amazing benefits of using natural, organic cosmetics. Quality and efficacy are paramount in the products presented with the Organic Beauty Awards, in support of people’s health and well-being.

To say we are thrilled is an understatement, as we have won two awards, and an Editors choice in our inaugural year.

The much loved Nourish & Repair Face Oil won the ‘Best Facial Oil For All Skin Types’.

Founder of Organic Beauty Brands, Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign & the Organic Beauty Award™ Amina Kitching was particularly impressed with how easily our Nourish and Repair Face Oil sank into the skin thereby classing it as a ‘dry oil’. They also loved the aroma and quality ingredients of this very popular face oil. You can read the full report by Organic Beauty here.

Our Detoxifying Mineral Mask For Oily Combination Skin won ‘Best Detox & Clarifying Mask’.

Amina loved the Detoxifying nature of our mineral mask and made comment that it contained some of the best ingredients to look for in a skincare product because they soothe, calm & help restore the skin, helping to maintain a healthy-looking complexion. You can read the full report here.

Nourishing Body & Hair Oil

Finally, our Nourishing Body & Hair Oil received an Editors Choice Award!! This category is selected not only by the judges, but because they are the Editor, Amina’s very own personal favourites, being the products that she would prefer not to live without! She loves the versatility of the product, and that they consistently work time & time again. Purity, peace of mind, quality & performance was also important in selecting our oil for this very special personal Award from the Editor. You can read her full report here.

With a commitment to the earth, the winners are awarded for their ethical approach in making cosmetics and choose to focus on products with Natural ingredients because they are biodegradable, ensuring they break down into particles that previously existed in nature. Certified Organic ingredients are a step above Natural ingredients because they are grown without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, therefore they are safer for people, animals & our planet.

Encouraging the use of Natural & Organic cosmetics is fundamental in reducing global toxicity. The management of the Organic Beauty Award is independent from any single brand, product reviews are 100% impartial, ensuring no prejudice for or against a particular brand.