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Hi I’m Renee, the founder of Paudha Healing and Welcome to our new Blog.

I have always felt a very deep connection to Mother Earth and a respect for what she offers to us for Natural Healing. Through my studies in Health Science (Naturopathy) and Diploma in Natural Skincare my appreciation for herbs and the amazing healing properties that they have to offer was born.

A sufferer of Rosacea and dry irritated skin, I looked deeper into the benefits of Chickweed (Stellaria media) and created the Calendula and Chickweed Cream. I soon realised the benefits were not only for myself, but for my family and friends as well. So, in 2016 Paudha Healing was born in an effort to share the benefits with our wider community. Since then we have proudly released a range of 14 all natural, plant-based hair and body products that are mildly scented and gentle to the skin. This year that range will grow even more. 

Creating a plant-based skincare brand is important to me. I have a great love and respect for the animals we share the planet with. I believe animals love unconditionally and they live instinctually and I very much feel a responsibility to nurture this. I am a strong believer that Nature provides more than enough plant ingredients to support our skincare as well as our health, without the need to harm animals.

I also feel a great responsibility to support the planet to survive and thrive for our children and the generations that follow them. In turn we seek to help save the rainforests with our monthly donations to HalfCut Alliance through our ‘Giving Back’ program, as well as being as mindful as possible to tread lightly with our packaging, printing and in using organic products where possible.

With the start of a new decade, also comes our new blog. Our goal with the blog is to support the Paudha Family with information, recipes and tips about Natural Skincare, Health & Wellbeing and reducing our Environmental impact. We are very conscious that people live busy lives, and therefore hope to bring you simple, achievable ideas to support you in living a more natural, sustainable and low-tox lifestyle.   

I really hope you enjoy this journey with us and look forward to your feedback as we go along.



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