The 2020 Spring-Summer Organic Beauty Awards Winners have been announced and once again, two Paudha Healing products have had the honour of receiving an Award. This time around the focus has been on products that are best for the warmer seasons, because as the temperature outside increases, your skincare needs change.

First to the podium is our Hydrating Face and Body Cream with Sweet Orange and Patchouli which received a Gold award. This is the first time we have entered this product into the Awards recognising All Natural Organic Beauty Products, so we are super excited that it received a Gold wreath in its class.

Once again the Nourish & Repair Face Oil has continued with its reputation for winning awards, this time receiving Bronze in the Facial Oil Category.

On speaking about her review process for the Organic Beauty Awards, Editor Amina Kitching says, “For me, reviewing a product comes down to two main functions, firstly its core ingredients & what a brand leaves out of a product is fundamental, I want to see herbal extracts & discover how each brand showcases them. Secondly, the aroma. The scent of a product should enhance the experience & even better, for natural & organic products the use of essential oils gives the user the added benefit of aromatherapy. The scent should neither be overwhelming or underwhelming!”

The Organic Beauty Awards have a Five Star Rating System, each quality fundamental in awarding and recognising the products as they are being judged.
1. Ingredients First™
2. Cruelty-Free Certified™
3. Efficacy, seasonal products
4. Value, quality & cost
5. Sustainability, recycle & refill

As creating Natural, Ethical and Earth friendly products are paramount to our Mission here at Paudha Healing, we are once again very honoured to have been recognised with these Awards for the 2020 season of Spring and Summer.