Father’s Day is fast approaching, so Eva and I have been thinking about our Father’s Day celebrations and how we intend on showing our gratitude for Dion.


Dion is such an amazing Dad, he is incredibly hands on with Eva, he just loves getting involved with teaching her creative skills, whether it’s baking cookies in the kitchen or sharing with her some of his wisdom in the woodworking workshop. Together they make up stories and dream up other creative projects, such as a scrunchie organiser for her drawer or a special stool for her dolls. It truly warms my heart at what great mates they are.


I am incredibly grateful for what an amazing Dad he is.


So we have started thinking about Father’s Day plans, and thought it might be nice to share them with you, as an inspiration for your own family celebrations.


Of course we will make him the obligatory hearty breakfast on Father’s Day. Being an active man, he is early to rise and get the day started.


Next we will adventure into our beautiful back yard for a bushwalk, backpack filled with some healthy snacks so that we can make the most of the morning and the freshness of the Blue Mountains Air.


Home is where the heart is, so the afternoon will be spent relaxing in our cosy abode.


Dion just loves the crafty brews from new local creatives, Mountain Culture Beer Co, so we absolutely know he would love to finish the day with his favourite beer in hand.


I imagine he will fall asleep on the lounge cuddling Eva, dreaming up his next creative project, because he’s the ultimate DIY’er.


The perfect Sunday for our little family.


If you’re looking for some places to take your Dad this Father’s Day, these are our top three favourite picks in the Blue Mountains