Acne, unfortunately, is not just a teenage issue. And it can be incredibly frustrating when you have yet to grow out of it well into your 30s and beyond.

Here we explore ways you can help treat adult acne without having to resort to harsh medications:

1. Balance Hormones

  • The prevalence of adult acne in women most likely has to do with fluctuating hormones.
  • I personally suffered from adult acne for a short period of time, and I found out mine was related to thyroid issues.
  • If you’re not sure what yours could be, the first thing to consider is the location of your acne. Hormonal acne appears around the chin area, jawline, and neck, so exploring the concept of face mapping may help you determine the cause (a quick google search should do the trick!).

2. Exercise More

  • Aside from the amazing fact that you create your own happy hormones when you exercise, sweating is generally good for your skin.
  • Through movement, blood flow to the skin temporarily increases, warming it and allowing clogged pores to release.
  • Try to exercise with clean skin rather than wearing makeup, and always follow with a gentle cleanse using our all natural Cleansing Oil

“I’m loving this cleansing oil. I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks but my skin feels amazing. I have pretty severe acne, pustules so big they can warp my face depending where they are. I was skeptical about using an ‘oil’ because of my oily acne skin but it’s not what you think! It has felt so good to have all natural healing oils soak into my damaged and scarred skin and I’m starting to clear up! The natural anti-inflammatory in the moisturisers from Paudha are also helping to heal my skin. So far feeling pretty good… Best result I’ve had with skin care in a while. Thank you!” Rachel

3.Say Bye-Bye Dairy

  • Chinese medicine has long considered dairy to be the most congesting, inflammatory food group, increasing mucus production and triggering all sorts of skin conditions.
  • Try switching to plant-based milks such as almond or oat milk—they’re easier to digest and much better for the skin.
  • Avoid (or greatly reduce) all types of dairy if you can.
  • Since becoming vegan I’ve found plant-based food works wonders on the skin.

4. Kick Sugar

  • Sugar is the big bad wolf of acne inflammation.
  • Try to avoid refined sugar, instead opting for natural sugars from real, unprocessed foods such as fruit, which is complete with the fibre that is meant to accompany it.

5. Stress Less

  • When we’re stressed, our bodies produce more testosterone and cortisol, both of which can cause increased sebum production and breakouts.
  • Incorporating relaxation techniques such as meditation or a daily stroll can make all the difference in balancing your stress levels.

6. Use Healing Skincare

  • In addition to treating acne from the inside out, topical skincare plays a part in calming skin aggravation and inflammation.
  • Some of the products that saved my skin during my short bout of adult acne were the Detoxifying Mineral Mask, Cleansing Oil (yep, oil counteracts oil!) and my favourite – Calendula and Chickweed Cream.
  • Ensure any products you choose are formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin types for deep healing and restoration. We can assure you the Paudha range proudly is.

I contacted Renee at Pauda healing regarding my daughters rosacea acne and she suggested the chickweed and calendula cream with some cleansing oil. Within 2 days her skin was cleared up beautifully. I’ve been using her products for a few months now and am very happy with it. Thanks Renee. Angela

7. Avoid Gluten

  • Not only can gluten cause bloating, gas, and tummy aches, but it can wreak havoc on the skin especially for those who are prone to acne.
  • Opt for naturally gluten-free, protein-rich grains like quinoa and millet instead.

8. Reduce Alcohol

  • Although red wine has some antioxidant effects, other forms of alcohol or excessive drinking can be irritating to the liver, pancreas, and other gastrointestinal organs which are essential for detoxifying the body and skin.
  • If you’re a weekly or daily drinker and you have acne, try reducing your consumption which can make a huge difference.


This mask is the only one I’ve used that has actually helped clear my skin. I use it once a week, and then use the Lavender & Rose Geranium cream afterwards. This mask is a really beautiful product! Kylie (on the detoxifying mineral mask)

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