We are thrilled to introduce the Paudha Healing subscription service to support your skincare routine with our 100% Natural products delivered to your door, at a frequency that suits you!

How do the Paudha Healing subscription plans work?

By ordering your favourite Paudha Healing products on subscription, not only will you avoid being caught short with your products, you will also save 10% on your order every time!

You can choose the frequency of when you would like to receive your products, monthly or every 2, 3, 4 or 6 months. If there is a frequency you’d prefer that we don’t already have on the dropdown list, just send us an email and we can look at adding the frequency for you. 

You have the freedom and flexibility to be able to pause or cancel your subscription at any time, so if you find your products are starting to build up and you aren’t quite ready for another order, simply pause the subscription.


Can I purchase more than one product on subscription?

Yes you can! Next time you’re ready to place an order, simply browse the shop page and select each product you’d like to receive on subscription and the frequency you’d like to receive them on. 


If my subscription is over $90, can I still get the free shipping?

Absolutely! When you set up your subscription plan, if the products you select total $90 or greater, when you get to the checkout page, simply select the ‘free shipping over $90’ option and you will receive FREE shipping on your subscription each and every time!


How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Simply log into your account at the top of the website and on the left hand side select ‘subscriptions’. From here you will be able to see what subscriptions you have in place, along with any upcoming payments and you cancel or pause at any time.


I currently have a subscription in place but I would like an extra product added next time as a one off, how can I do this?

No trouble at all! Simply send us an email at and we will provide you with a code to use so that you aren’t charged shipping twice and we will send the product with your regular subscription.