Are you struggling with puffy eyes? Puffy and swollen eyes can appear for more reasons than a crying session or a late night.

The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate. Today we’re looking at some of the additional factors to consider if you have puffy eyes that aren’t disappearing following a few good night’s sleep.

If your eyes have been swollen for some time without any real explanation, we do recommend going to the Dr for a check-up, to ensure there is nothing serious that needs addressing such as thyroid issues or edema (fluid retention).

The importance of relaxation and sleep

Did you know that when your body is stressed, the salt balance of your body changes? If you’re constantly in a stress state of flight or fight with insufficient rest, the body releases too much cortisol, this in turn effects the salt levels in your body which leads to water retention, resulting in bloating in the abdominal area, legs, feet, and ankles, face (including the eyes) and hips.

Sleep can support the restoration of cortisol levels and therefore balance salt levels in your body as can exercise, meditation and a good old-fashioned laugh with a friend.

Too hot to handle

During winter, indoor heating systems can dry out the mucous membranes in your eyes, irritating the tissue in your eyes. This leads to puffiness as the eye attempts to balance and restore the hydration levels around the very delicate area of skin around your eyes.

Drinking plenty of water to restore hydration is important in any climate whether your body is feeling the heat in the tropics or by the fire (or gas heater) at home.

Keeping it clean

Fragrances, preservatives, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or retinol in some face cleansers, eye makeup removers, makeup and hair products (including shampoos and conditioners) can become trapped in the folds of the skin around the eyes, irritating your eyes.

When cleaning it is important not to rub the area as rubbing increases inflammation of this delicate area, promoting leaky blood vessels and therefore puffiness of the nearby tissues.

Instead, we suggest choosing skin and haircare products with gentle, natural ingredients. For cleansing your face, the Paudha Healing Clean and Balance Cleansing Oil is our favourite as it seeks to balance the natural oils in your skin as you cleanse, rather than strip them away.

Instead of ‘wiping’ the skin around your eyes, gently ‘dab’ the impurities away using a soft cloth such as our 100% natural reusable ‘Cleansing Cloth‘ made from a hemp fleece and organic cotton blend and rinse thoroughly with luke-warm water afterwards.

Seasonal allergies

Airborn allergens such as dust and pollen which are contacting your eyes directly react with antibodies connected with the lining of the eye. This releases histamine into your system as an immune system response, in turn creating a hive-like reaction around the eyes especially.

It is especially important once again to avoid rubbing the area, even if it does feel itchy. One idea is to cool the area, perhaps with a cold pack wrapped in a clean or wet washcloth to the eye for 15 to 20 minutes at a time to decrease the inflammatory effects of eyelid swelling and pain.

The tear effect

Once again, the effect of crying is all about an imbalance of salt around the thin skin of the eye area. When you cry, the eye glands work overtime to make tears, creating tear fluid that’s waterier and less salty. The eye lids and surrounding tissues therefore can become swollen and puffy.

Puffy eyes from crying should subside naturally within 24 hours as the body calms and restores its natural balance. We suggest lots of self-care and sleep. If you feel you require extra help, we’re big fans of reaching out to a trusted loved one or a professional counsellor to further support your mental wellbeing and get you back on track.

Hydration + Diet

Your body is constantly trying to achieve a healthy balance. If your body is dehydrated from a lack of hydration or consuming too much caffeine, salt, alcohol or even sugar your body attempts to prevent water levels from becoming too low by retaining water. In turn, this excess water causes puffiness in the face and body. As the skin around your eyes is thin, it is at higher risk of getting puffy.

Once again, drinking lots of water is key here and consciously avoiding dehydrating, salty foods, excessive alcohol and sugar where possible.

Ageing gracefully

As you grow older, the tissue in your eye lids can soften and weaken. This can result in the fat in your upper eyelid to rest on the lower eyelid, creating puffiness.

Here at Paudha Healing we are all about loving the body we are gifted with during all stages of our lives. As such we strive to formulate a skincare range designed to feel gentle and nourishing, topically restoring balance where possible through your day-to-day skincare routine as well as bringing to you holistic ideas to support your skin through lifestyle and diet choices.

If you’re looking to soothe tired and dry eyes, our Award-Winning Revitalising Eye Serum has been carefully formulated with a high-quality blend of natural active and botanical ingredients. Hyaluronic acid and marshmallow extract work together to deeply hydrate the skin in turn helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Pomegranate seed oil is an antioxidant powerhouse that promotes collagen production and aids in skin cell regeneration. Australian Native Quandong is high in vitamins C & E which are ideal for sensitive skin, simultaneously promoting a bright and even complexion.

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